Current Campaign

Before you can do anything in PrEvo you need to set a Campaign to Current, to do this visit the "My Campaigns" page and click on the tick icon.

User Status

"Owner" the owner of a campaign can do everything.

"Manager" a manager can upload data, download data, view campaign stats and change campaign settings and users.

"Super User" a super user can view campaign stats and download data.

"Viewer" a viewer typically a telemarketing client can only access the campaign reports, and campaign search.

"User" a user can only access the call screen and view personal stats.

Call Stack

The call stack is the order in which records are served to the user, the stack works based on a set of priorities as described below. Only records with a status of Open will be presented, if you have finished with a record and wish to remove it from the call stack set the status to Closed. This will not delete the record.

1. Call Back - The most recent call back is always presented first, so if you have 100 out of date call backs and one that has just become due, the one that has just become due will be presented first, you will then need to call or skip all remaining call backs in order to get a fresh record.

2. New Call - This is a record that has never been called.

3. Re-Call - If there are no new records available the system will recycle any records that have been attempted previously but not concluded, this will pull up records from all users excluding callbacks.

Appointment Auto Grouping

If you make appointments as part of your process, then the system will target records closest to an upcoming appointment allowing you to try and get additional appointments in the same area. This is an automatic feature.

Under the Record History box, an appointments box will appear showing the appointment it is targeting and the distance from the record you are calling to each appointment shown.

Postcode Radial Targeting

This feature allows you to select records radiating out from a central postcode, to do this go to My Campaigns and click on the cog icon to set the central postcode. This will then target records as close to that central postcode as possible, and work its way outwards.

Additional Targeting Filters

This feature allows you filter call stack record selection based on custom criteria against any field in your data, it allows highly flexible precise targeting, you may only want to target a certain industry, size of company, companies with a website, companies within a certain postcode area or town for example.

Call Screen

To make calls for a Campaign click the "Call" link in the main menu bar, this will load the custom Calling Screen for the current campaign.

If you have Skype you can click the blue telephone icon next to the Landline control to dial, double clicking on a website control will load the website in a new tab, double clicking on an email address will open your default mail program.

The "Save & Export" button will save the current record and open a new tab with the data from the record in a table, this is mainly used to printing or copying and pasting important details and emailing them to a client. The data that is output is defined in the "Campaign Designer" screen, simply tick the "exportable" option for each field you want to appear on this page.

The "Add New" button at the bottom of the screen will save the current record and create a new blank record.

The "Skip" button will skip the current record and load the next one in the call stack, if you skip a callback it will be re-queued for 1 week in the future.

Creating a Campaign

Click on the "Create Campaign" link in the main menu bar.

You can create a completely new campaign by simply typing the name of the next campaign in the box on this page, or you can select one of your existing campaigns and create a clone of it.

When you clone a Campaign all of the fields and users are copied over, but not the data or any of the stats.

Once you have created or cloned a campaign go to "My Campaigns" and click on the "Campaign Designer" Icon. Here you can add pre-defined fields, create custom fields or modify existing fields.

The Campaign Designer has in-depth on page help.

Uploading Data

To upload data to a campaign firstly make sure it is set as the current campaign, then go to "My Campaigns" and click the "Upload" icon.

You must make sure you have set up your calling screen before uploading any data, if you have assigned fields as de-dupe fields, such as a landline you will have the option to suppress duplicates

Simply select and upload your file, then map the fields as appropriate. Please note your uploaded file must be in CSV format.

The Landline field which by default is added to every campaign is a special system field, it will automatically clean up the data in this field and format it as a UK phone number.

Downloading Data

Go to "My Campaigns" and select the download icon, there are a few clear options when downloading, these are all explained on the download page.


Go to "My Campaigns" and click on the pie chart icon, 5 standard pie charts will be displayed showing the campaign status and activity, there are also a number of reports available, making a field "Reportable" in the campaign designer will add reporting options to the reports page.

Activity & Outcomes

Whenever a record is accessed an Activity is recorded automatically, such as New Call, Call Back, Recall etc.

Whenever a record is saved the call Outcome is also recorded, this allows you to compare activity against outcomes, for example how many calls need to be made to generate an appointment.